*Winner of the 2017 Kerrville New Folk songwriting competition*


"Roots-thick and shadowy.. guided by velvety vocals. A delicate ebb and flow from uplifting to more penetrating.."

-  American Songwriter

"You know you're dealing with a cat that cares about word craft. Guy and Townes' lessons were well learned here on this top shelf singer/songwriter"

-  Midwest Record

"His characters are worthy of empathy despite or perhaps because of their morally ambiguous moments."


"Moyse offers up some surprising rhymes which separate me from my own expectations, allowing a clear window into his perspective. Warm, with a tinge of regret, his lyrics are mature and sparkling with nostalgia... His truth is all of our truths."  

-  Flour Sack Cape

 “Chris Moyse has written several classic songs- most people just don’t know it yet. He’s one of my favorite new writers in the Americana/Post-Folk genre. Stop reading this quote, and go listen to Chris Moyse.” 

-  Jackson Emmer

 "One of my favorite songwriters in town. Chris is a rather unassuming guy but his songs will blow you away."    

-  Ear to the Ground

"The next time I have to get bad news I want Chris to sing it to me. His new record is worthy of praise and (at least) 100 listens."

-  Shawnee Kilgore